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We understand hammer ice removal is probably the most popular method of removal of Ice dams, but blunt force with sharp objects can very easily damage shingles.  Not only is it dangerous for the roof but can take longer than the rapid ice melting of true steam.

Steam Ice Dam Removal Will Not Damage Asphalt Shingles!  Call us for Steam! 

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One thing to remember is Not only Is Steaming Safer for your roof than using a Heated Pressure Washer (which can damage roof really easily, but steaming can be much faster.  One customer recently paid a company less per hour for a pressure washing service than we charge for steam, but it took them 18 hours and the customer still had to call us afterword for our steam machines to stop active leaks in the roof.

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How do I know if I have an ICE DAM?

The first and most obvious indicator is that you have an interior leak in your home and/ or wet spots on your ceiling. Other indicators are icicles hanging from the eaves, valleys or gutters. Snow may also appear thicker towards the edges of your roof than at the top, this means that there’s a thick layer of ice (ice dam) building up along the leading edges of your roof and if not dealt with will inevitably lead to what could possibly be major damaging interior leaks into   your home.

There are many ways you can remove an ice dam from your roof but truly only one correct way!

Pressure washer
Are all methods that will damage your roof!

The true steam method is the only properly way to safely and effectively remove an ice dam from your roof.

Please don’t consider this a DIY project, over 170,000 people in the United States are injured every year from falling off their roof  while doing such things as trying to remove ice dams.

We will work with your insurance company to get our fees reimbursed to you!  Not all insurance will pay for roof steaming, but if you have an active leak into your home often times insurance   companies are very happy to have the ice steamed off because other ways of roof Ice removal can damage the roof.
Leave this one to the professionals.

Is your roof starting to leak a little from Ice hanging over the edges?

The leak may start off small but the warmer it gets, the faster the water may be coming in the house.  In severe Ice dam situations, it is not uncommon to see ceilings collapse due to the water being trapped behind the ice dam on the roof and thus entering the house.

Until the Ice dam melts, the water runs into the house once it has found an entry point and won’t stop until all the snow is melted.

There are several ways to get rid of ice dams, but steam is the safest for your shingles. There are landscapers that will shovel your walks and driveways, but really should not be on your roofs if they do not know how to install them.
Shingles are delicate and can be damaged easily if not taken proper care of. The force to remove ice with a hammer or chisel may be more than the force needed to damage a shingle. For this reason, steam is the safest method to melt the ice off your roof and get the water flowing off the roof and away from the house.
In an emergency situation it will not be possible to get to every house with an Ice dam problem when the weather warms up dramatically.  So it is important to schedule ahead of the warming cycle.

If you roof is leaking now while it is below freezing outside, when the weather warms up the leak will intensify and could cause 10s of thousands of dollars of damage really quick as the water begins to flood your house.

If water is starting to enter your house it is advised you poke a hole in the ceiling about the size of your finger.  This will allow the water to escape into a bucket you can set below.

This simple step can help prevent the ceiling from collapsing from water being trapped in the insulation above the ceiling.  But call us to get rid of the Ice dam before you have serious damage.

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