Ice Dams are Problems prevented by Roof Rake Or Not

The ice dam problem.

Should you roof rake or should you not? This is a pretty simple question but most likely if you were on this page, you have a problem with an ice dam.

When there is nice fresh powder on your roof it is a great time to start taking your roof. However, once you have an ice dam it is probably too late.

The snow melting on your roof is what forms the icicles at the edge of your roof. If dealt with early and the roof is cleared of most all of the snow that eliminates the course for the ice dam to form.
unfortunately, once the water is trickling in the house the only real solution is to call for a steam ice dam removal contractor. please note is not the safest method TV beating on the ice with any hammers chisels or even chainsaws. Yes, we have seen this happen to someone poor house. It will get rid of the ice and maybe a few shingles as well.

Steam is the safest method to remove the snow without harming the house, roof, gutters, or most importantly the shingles.