Fastest Way to Remove an Ice Dam

  1. This is probably one of the fastest ways to remove and Ice dam. But please watch second video just below.

Just watch this Guy destroy this Ice Dam

He beats the Ice dam with not just a hammer, but a sledge.  Then chops up the ice with a Chainsaw.  The guy just goes to town on this poor houses roof.  The icicles never even stood a chance.


What do you think, would you hire a  guy with a CHAINSAW to stop a roof leak? Ok now lets look at something more civilized.

The Worlds Fastest Way to Remove an Ice Dam Safely

Th guy with a chainsaw unfortunately has not probably even heard of steam ice dam Removal, but he would be much better off using safe steam.  I can only recommend steam to remove the pesky ice dams.

It is not uncommon to have a roof leak stop within 20 minutes of steaming a roof.  And the nice thing is the roof stops leaking when the ice is gone, but it doesn’t leak next time it rains as can happen if you bang away at an ice dam with a sledge hammer.

For Oregon Ice Dam Roof Snow Removal call           541-204-2231

For Steam Ice Dam Removal Service in Boise Idaho Call

(208) 261-7230


Many times insurance will actually foot the bill to have the ice removed off the roof because the interior damage from a roof leak can add up quickly.  It is not uncommon to have 5,000$ or more of interior damage from water flooding into a house from a rooftop snow that never was removed.

If you own a Steamer and would like to join our network please contact us.  We like to make sure homeowners across the country can have someone remove their ice dams with steam.

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