Popular methods to remove Ice Dams

  • Got Ice Dams?

Tips to Remove them

So you have an Ice Dam which you may have never even heard of such a thing before the water started leaking in your house. Now you are researching the web trying to find how to get that massive amount of ice from off the edge of your roof.   Glad you found this page.

There are a lot of ways that people try to remove ice dams.

Step 1

The first tip is not let the ice dam form which starts with having correct insulation, but if you have an ice dam now, it’s too late for worrying about insulation now (you will probably be changing it soon anyways if you are here looking for tips to get rid of the ice dam:).

Step 2

If you have insulation issues the next step to prevent ice dams should be roof raking and roof snow removal.  If there is no snow melting on your roof than an ice dam cannot form.

Now if you have failed to do this before and you now have an ice dam, roof taking will do absolutely nothing so please stop raking now.

Step 3

There and many obvious fixes that come to people minds and I will post a few videos of what people often try to do.

The Sledge Hammer and Chainsaw method:

The Blow Torch Method

The Beat it with a Shovel Method

Though these methods are often tried, they are not recomended and may result in you needing not only an ambulance, but also a new roof in the spring.

Please note this website does not recommend  any of the above methods.  Steam is the safest way to remove ice from your roof.

Please stay safe this Season and Call a Professional Steam Ice Dam Removal Company

What do you do to remove Ice Dams?