2016 Up State New York Ice Dam Forecast

  1. New York is looking like the best candidate in the USA for the first major Ice Dams of the 2017 winter season.
  2. In order to have ice dams you need to have 2 ingredients, the first being snow on roofs (preferably about 2 ft or more) and you need to have weeks of weather below freezing or near  freezing.  If it gets to 40 degrees or above most of the snow will rapidly melt off the roofs and ice will look like Swiss cheese over the gutters which generally does not act as an ice dam.
  3. This makes upstate New York the Best candidate in US for significant ice dams this season.  Look at the current snow totals in this screen shot of the current snow totals on the ground in New York.
  4. New York current snow totals December 2016
    Screen shot of 2016 current snow totals on the ground as of December 21http://www.weatherstreet.com/city_snow_depth/14201-Buffalo-NY-snow-depth.htm



    As you can see if you are steam Ice Dam company you should keep your eye on Upstate New York for first round of Ice Dams this year.


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