Information for people following Ice dams across the country 2016

This map shows the predictions of the Polar vortex for the next 10 days.  I believe it is current from the day you click on the link.  It is an animated picture of the polar vortex moving across the United states.

From December 22nd, 2016 it looks like the Colder weather will stay more or north of the Canadian border for the remainder of 2016, but early 2017 might start to travel a little south into New England.

In order for Ice Dams to form  in general you need about 2 feet of snow on the roofs and below freezing weather for at least a week or two.

If they form at your house we will have Steamers standing by to help your houses needs.

If you are a professional that owns a steamer, call us and join our network of steamers across the country.

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