DIY Advice for removing Ice Dams

Dealing with an Ice Dam

There are a lot of people  that have this problem a few times in their life, but for most people that are going online to look up ice dam removal tips,  🤔  they probably have never even heard the term before the massive icicles started causing problems on their homes.

Ice dam Colchester Ct with calcium
This is a large icedam already leaking into the home Calcium used to melt ice in pic

I recently just responded to an article I read due to the lack of information in the post as to the best practice to remove an Ice Dam.  My response was as follows:

I am responding to an article I just read on your site and saw some stuff that is really not the best information for the readers.
It advises for people to hire a contractor who uses a hammer to get rid of Ice Dams which is not really the best method especially if you are hiring s professional.

I have seen many roofs damaged by this practice, even seen entire roofs paid to be replaced by insurance companies dur to improper ice dam removal.

Good advise from Ice Melt Salesman

If you look at the following article you will see the sales Rep for an ice melt even advises against using products on the roof to get rid of Ice Dams.  Please note he states in the article he would be if it financially to sell you ice melt but it’s not always the best thing for an ice dam on your roof.

The safest practice for your roof is to hire a steam Ice Dam Removal Contractor to safely remove your icicles without damaging the roof.

steam Ice Dam Removal
Steam Removal of an ice dam.




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