How do you Climb to the ridge of a roof in the snow?

Climbing to the ridge of roof in the snow.

If you have a house like the following picture, you may not be able to climb to the ridge when there is no snow.  How much more difficult do you think it can be if there is snowon the roof and that is even if possible at all.

crazy House Ice Dam Removal
This house is crazy to try to get the ice Dams removed with steam

Now here is one method you could try but I don’t know if I would recommend it.  Using a hook ladder like the photo below in order to put an anchor in the ridge to tie a rope to.

Hook ladder installed icecdam removal diy
Hook ladders installed on the ridge of a house.

This works good for a dry roof but the only problem is a hook ladder does not work very well when there is snow on the roof.

But if there is only ice dams and the snow is melted off the ridge of the house this tip could work in the right conditions.

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