Boise Idaho having Big Ice Dam Problems

Ice dams are Big Problems In Boise Idaho This Year

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When you have snow on roofs ice dams form from the slow melting snow and refreshing at the edge of the roof. This causes the water to get dammed up on the roof and start to leak in the house. The good thing is with the right tools ice dams can be Taken care of in as little as a few hours of labor.

It is not advisable to bang away at the ice dam on the roof with a hammer and chisel or even worse methods such as sledge or blow torch. This may not only be dangerous but many times will result in damage to the roof long after the snow is gone.

The safest way to remove an ice dam from your roof is to use very low pressure steam. This will very speedily cuase the ice to let go of the shingles and fall off the roof.  It is common for Roof leaks to stop in as fast as 20 minutes from the time the ice dam is starting to be Steamed from a professional roof snow removal company.

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It really is crazy just how big the icicles are getting in Boise Idaho This year. Some people really love removing ice.

Guy kissing Ice Dam removal
This guy really loves icicles

Get rid of McClatchy the Icicle Real Fast With Steam

Different types of salt and rock salt can slowly melt the ice dam but can discolor the roof and even resolve the gutter in some cases.

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