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Professional Steam Ice Dam Removal is working with a Local Oswego and Buffalo NY Contractor

Roof Snow And Ice Removal all of NY and Upper Peninsula  We service most of the Great Lakes Area.  Call now!

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Roof Snow Removal Services Provided by S & K Holiday Lighting of Upstate New York and Joe Mann, owner of Professional Ice Dam Removal, has been working with steamers for almost 25 years.  Many people think steaming technology is a new age idea, but Joe has been steaming ice off roofs for over two decades.

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steam Ice Dam Removal Ny
Steam Removal of an ice dam.

Watch Why A steamer is much better for roof snow removal.  Many people will use a hammer and chisel to get the ice off the roof and stop the leak, but this can end up leading to a leaky roof in the spring because hammering shingles even if you only hit the ice can damage shingles underneath.

The old fashioned way of waiting till your roof is leaking to call the local handyman is over.  Now that handyman was usually expected to break out the sledge hammer, an axe or a chisel and go to town on your ice dam till the roof stopped leaking.  The problem is the roof is now ice free, but so is possibly a few shingles.

Those days are over in Buffalo New York as local S & K Holiday Lighting is using Steaming technology and has help from the Professional Ice Dam Removal company to help make sure you rooftop snow is taken care of the the best way possible.

If you would like to find out more about S & K Holiday Lighting and other services they provide click here.

We also provide other roof raking types of services to get that rooftop snow and the ice at the edge of the shingles and gutter.  Some of the areas in New York serviced include

Clarence NY
East aurora
Orchard park
West Seneca
Boston NY
West falls





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