Roof Razor Video In Action very Fast Roof Snow removal System

Here is a video of a Roof Razor in action taking Snow off of the Roof.

Is Roof Raking Effective?

Anyone who has ever used an old fashioned roof rake before knows it is not an easy task if it is even possible.  Roof rakes can be used fairly easily if you stay ahead of the snow and always remove it before its 6 inches deep or frozen.  However; if the snow is wet and heavy or it comes down to fast there is no way you are going to get the job done with the standard roof rake.  It might be possible but you would really have to be a very physical fit individual.

Roof Razor to the Roof Snow Removal Rescue.

Rooftop snow removal can be done with a roof razor even if the snow is deeper than six inches.  The area thing is this tool is much more heavy duty and can be extended much further than a typical rake.

This is great news for those worried about Ice dams this year.  Ice dams form from 2 basic things, much snow on the roof and poor attic insulation in cold weather.  Just look at the information graphic to help understand how snow on the roof becomes an Ice Dam and eventually leaks into the house.

ice dam formation from poor insulation

If you have not seen one of these in action before visit this page for many more roof razor videos.

If you already have an Ice Dam that is leaking into your house then its too late to use this method and you should find a professional to Steam the snow and Ice of the Shingles

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