Eagle Idaho infrared ice dam steaming

Boise Idaho News Video On Removing Ice Dams with Steam.


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  • Steaming Ice Dams works

Steam is the most effective way to treat the ice dam problem without damaging the roof.  Many of the local contractors are not well prepared for Ice Damong on roofs because there has not been this much snow in Boise Idaho since back in the 80’s.

If you can find a company using steam technology, this is the safest way to get the snow and ice off the roof with out destroying the shingles.  It is not uncommon to stop a leak within 20-30 minutes once the steamer is in operation.

The local companies in Idaho usually do not have steamers laying around since they can costs thousands of dollars.

This ice dam was no match for the steamer as shown in the Infrared Photo Below.

ice dam steam infrared
This is a picture of an ice dam being steamed with an infrared camera

This ice dam is being steamed and being photographed from an infrared camera. Notice how the water that is running down the gutter is extremely warm right now due to the steam speedily melting the ice and then running down the gutter.

The yellow and red parts are the heat signatures of the steam going to work on the ice. Steam ice dam removal is probably the fastest way to stop a leak in the house from ice buildup on the edge of the roof.

steaming ice dams in Eagle Idaho

Give us a call if you need someone to come by and Take the snow off your roof in Idaho or for ice removal from the roof with steam.

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Ben S

This photo was taken at my home. Moments earlier, they cleared hundreds of gallons of water that had started to seep into the walls just as the crew was setting up.

Quick acting by Joe and crew immediately cleared the water and stopped the water from entering our home.

Thanks again guys! This process is AMAZING!