Ice dams Growing Problem in Oregon

Have an Ice dam Problem in Oregon?

If you are having ice buildup along the edge of your gutter and water is leaking into you walls it can be a stressful situation.  We are getting calls from homeowners with water stains, carpet soaking wet and ceilings bubbling from over grown ice dams.  Here are somethings we have seen and hear people do.

Please Do NOT:

  • Find a guy On craigslist with a blow torch,
  • Grab a chainsaw🤔 (it’s been done)
  • Get a sledgehammer  🔨
  • Put rock salt on your gutters ( can discolor roof and eat holes in the gutters. Calcium is better choice and much faster.
  • Put a hose from your hot water heater to the roof and let run for hours…The guy we talked to made his leak worse.
  • but you can put calcium in a sock and throw it on the ice dam and it will slowly melt.

It’s tempting to try so Lets watch the Blow torch Verse the Ice dam.

Ok now you can see it does not work, and there are several stories of people burning their house down trying to get the Ice off the roof with a blow torch.  Now burning down the house will get rid of the ice dams but it also kinda defeats the purpose.

Remove an Ice Dam Safely with Steam

Steam will not damage the shingles and is very fast at melting the snow and ice.  It is not uncommon for us to show up to a house that has a leaky roof due to giant ice dams  and get the leaks to stop in as little as 30 minutes.

For Steam Ice Dam Removal in Oregon     Call 241-204-2231

Here are places we are currently servicing in January of 2017

  • Sunriver, OR.
  • Redmond, OR.
  • Sisters, OR.
  • Prineville, OR.
  • Crescent Lake, OR.
  • Madras, OR.
  • La Pine, OR.
  • Tumalo, OR.

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