Safely Removing Ice Dams with Steam in Oregon

If you have an ice dam in Oregon and wondering what to do about it, Let is help you.

Pic of Ice dam in Oregon 2017

Oregon Ice Dam photo
This is an ice dam in Oregon January 2017, big problem👁👁

DIY tips to Prevent Ice Dams Leaking

Thr best way to avoid an ice dam after there is snow on the roof is to keep the snow off the roof with a roof rake.    If there is an ice dam not formed this can help the sun heat the shingles up and keep the edge of roof ice free.  However if there already is large icicles o your gutters causing water to run into your house,   Please Do NOT:

  • Find a guy On craigslist with a blow torch, yes it happens
  • Grab a chainsaw🤔
  • Get a sledgehammer  🔨
  • Put rock salt on your gutters ( can discolor roof and eat holes in the gutters.
  • but you can put calcium in a sock and throw it on the ice dam and it will slowly melt.

*Warning* Please  do any of the things in this video to your ice dam or Home…

The Ice Dam is gone (along with all the pictures that were hanging on the wall before he broke out the sledge) but hate to see what the roof looks like in the spring,

Steam Ice Dam Removal will not damage shingles

Steaming is the safest way to get rid of Ice from your rooftop and it’s fast.  It is not uncommon for us to have a roof leak stopped within 30 minutes of our arrival.

We Are steaming Ice off of roofs in Oregon and can assist you if you.

Steam Ice Dam Removal in Oregon     Call 241-204-2231



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