Oregon In Desperate Need of Calcium to stop Ice Dams Safely 2017

Watch How Fast Calcium Melts Ice Dam

Ice dams are growing rapidly in Oregon, The hardest hit area is central Oregon and primarily the Bend are.  We are having crews dispatched as just Roof Shovelers and others running steamers and hearing multiple reports of many neighbors begging for help as the crew is working on the next house over.

Several crews have stated they are having incredible tough time scheduling appointments and keeping times because they go to a neighborhood to do one roof and before they leave the neighbors beg them to come next door and end up doing 4 houses before they can move on the next appointment.

Bend has not seen anything like this in many many years.  The worse part is still to come Tuesday and Wednesday with the warm ups.  The problem is the time until the big catastrophe event is running out.  It will be a catastrophe for many homes that do not remove their ice dams before the warm up on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

This means there just are not enough steamers in the state to fix all the problems, each steamer can do 3-5 houses a day which means you would need hundreds of machines to get to all the ice dams before Wednesday.

Because that is not possible I am trying to help as many people as possible get proactive and get rid of their ice dams themselves and it only takes a few 50 lbs bags of calcium snow melt.  Now keep in mind it must be 99% or more calcium or it will damage to roof if it has other chemicals.  This stuff works great.


There has been a lot of snow this year in Oregon.

For Roof Snow Removal in Oregon Call

We are just trying to help howmowners out, A local contractor is working frantically to get truck loads of calcium in before the big leaks start flooding into peoples houses in Bend Oregon on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

If you know anywhere you can buy calcium flakes or power in the state of Oregon please post it in the comments.  If you are just a concerned homeowner get a 100lbs and dump it on your ice dams to speedily solve your icedam problem.

This is the most economical way to treat an ice dam but it takes 12-24 hours to really melt though the Ice dam with just calcium.  The steamers can do it much faster.

There are dozens of steamers dispatched to Oregon to work on the following areas:

  • Alfalfa
  • Brothers
  • Cloverdale
  • Deschutes
  • Elk Lake
  • Hampton
  • Millican
  • Plainview
  • Prineville Junction
  • Shevlin

Here are places we are currently servicing in January of 2017 for Roof Snow removal in Oregon.

  • Sunriver, OR.
  • Redmond, OR.
  • Sisters, OR.
  • Prineville, OR.
  • Crescent Lake, OR.
  • Madras, OR.
  • La Pine, OR.
  • Tumalo, OR.

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