Roof Snow Removal Service in Redmond Oregon

Roof snow removal cartoon
This guy makes roof snow removal look easy

We have shovelers standing by to get those roofs shoveled in Redmond Oregon.

For Roof Snow Removal in Oregon Call   541-204-2231

There have been multiple roofs collapsing across the set and We received over 100 calls yesterday for either roof snow removal or Ice Dam removal.

People are not over reacting, we have had call from people with cracked rafters, walls with water stains, rugs curling up, and paint bubbling  from water coming in behind the ice dams.

The real day of problems will be Tuesday and Thursday is it will be first time in a few days the temperature breaks freezing.  This will cause the Ice Dams at the edge of the roof that have been growing in the freezing weather to hold the water on the roof.

When Tuesday and Wednesday arrive with their warm temperatures it is very likely some peoples ceilings will fall down inside their homes due to trapped water in the ceiling from and ice dam.

Here is a link to one of the latest roof collapses in Oregon

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