Video: DIY Ice Dam Tip For Sisters and Redmond Oregon

Watch This News article with a tip to prevent Ice Dams in your Home in Redmond and Sisters Oregon

Interview with the Ice Dam Company (not affiliated with this website, but a true pro.)  They have ice dams more often in Minnesota so this guy knows what he is talking about.

This is a Tip from a True Ice Dam Professional just recently on the News this week.  There is a lot of good information in this interview but the key takeaway is prevention is the best method to solve and Ice dam.  Once an ice dam is formed it is hard to remove with out nature taking its course by warming weather.

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We have seen enormous Ice Dams in Bend Oregon this week and it is really a historic event.  The amount of snow is just incredible and the extended cold weather is making for a much more historic event in a few days when the Weather begins to warm and the Ice dams cause flooding in peoples homes in Sisters and Redmond Oregon.

The homes in La Pine OR, are also in for some trouble as the ice dams that have already been building along the gutters will many times leak when the weather warms up closer to freezing.

If you can get the snow off the roof or pay a roof snow removal company to help get rid of the snow, the Ice Dams will stop growing and that will help dramatically.

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