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If your roof is leaking and you have a lot of snow on the roof, chances are roof snow removal is not the complete solution.

Why is my roof leaking after you removed snow off the roof?

If you remove the snow from your roof and left the ice dams along the edge of the roof you may still have a leak.  It is common for people to think while their roof is leaking that if they shovel the roof it will fix the leak.

This is true but if there is large amounts of ice in the gutter left still intact it is likely the roof will leak the next time it rains or snows.

This is becuase the roof ice acts like a dam trapping the water behind the gutter and pushing it into the house.

How to safely get rid of the Ice

The safest way for your roof is to use steam.  Steaming an ice dam will melt the ice without damaging the shingles underneath.  Bearing the ice is not good for your roof and can lead to you having to replace or repair the roof in the spring .

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