Ice dams in central Oregon making Major Roof Leaks

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It has been crazy in Oregon Around the Bend Area.  The phones have been going crazy literally hundreds of calls in the bend area in the last week in Central Oregon for ice dam removal.

Are ice dams normal in Central Oregon?

Not really, the root cuase of this years ice dam season in Bend Oregon is the 4 ft of. Now on the roofs.  Just yesterday another round of roofs collapsed from the weight of the snow.  This has been going on for 2 weeks now and the cold weather is not allowing the snow pack to melt fast.

In order for roof ice to develope you need 2 things, a lot of snow on roofs and below freezing temperatures for a few weeks.  Well Oregon has had just that.  There are dozens of people from Minnesota steaming ice out of gutters to stop leaks in Bend and still way over booked.

The crews are saying it’s almost impossible to get out of s neighborhood becuase they start to steam on roof and all the neighbors start pleading to come over and steam their house next.  That combined with the enormous size of the icicles in Bend which only allows for 1-2 houses a day to be completed by one steamer.  Some houses are taking up to 15 hours to get the Ice off the rooftop.

Oregon Ice Dam bend
This is an ice dam in Oregon January 2017, big problem👁👁


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