Fast Ice Dam Removal Ontario & NY with Fire?

Syracuse New York  Ice Dam Removal and Repair with Fire?

In 2017 There is a guy advertising on Craigslist to remove your Ice Dam With a Blow torch somewhere in the Northern US.  Most people I think would question if this is really a good idea, but I did speak with the guys  who seemed to think he has a good thing going.

Why Would people be paying this man for his service.

Common sense would make you think this guy would be lacking customers, but he seems to be in no shortage of paying clients these days.  Please keep in mind your house is probably the most valuable asset  you own, why would you have a guy with a flame thrower anywhere near any ice dams or even perform roof Ice removal?

Demonstration of Fire Verse the Ice Dam

But hey, If you are current on your Homeowners Insurance, Why Not?  😂😂😂

News Clip of Ice Melting With Torch Gone Wrong

*DISCLAIMER*  Please Note:  This Website Does not advocate the Use of a blow torch, chainsaw, hatchet, sledgehammer or any other method to remove Ice from the gutters.  The only safe way is to use steam to melt the rooftop snow.

Get the snow off your roof And Steam Ice Dam Removal. Crazy Year roof ice causing major Leaks in Houses

We Only Use Safe Steam
New York Roof Snow Removal and Steam Ice Dam Removal service (716) 517-4345

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Giant ice dam in Bend Oregon steam
Steaming massive ice dam in Bend oregon

Here is some links showing we are not making this up people catch their houses on fire with blow torches melting ice pretty often.


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This is a stupid idea. Even going against the shingles your still pushing it after into your roof. I feel bad for the people that have already hired these guys. THIS IS A METHOD FORCMETAL ROOFS ONLY. THESE GUYS DO NOT KNOW THE DAMAGE THERE CAUSING.