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If you are on this page most likely you have a lot of snow on  your roof and big Icicles on your gutters.  If you were preparing you probably were roof raking along the edge or your roof to stop the formation of an Ice Dam, However,  Roof Ice is not a common problem in Idaho and you may have been caught off guard.

How to Prevent Ice Dams from Forming

The number one method of preventing ice dams is to make sure your attic is properly insulated.  If it is below freezing outside you want your attic to be below freezing also, this makes it virtually impossible for an ice dam to form.

It might be to late to go reinstalling insulation in your attic at the moment so the next best thing you can do is to get the snow off of the roof.  It is best to get all the snow off, but roof raking may be the safest method for a typical homeowner.  If you get leading edge of the roof line 5 feet from the gutter that should help to keep shingles exposed to the sunlight during the day and help the ice melt.

Snow and Ice on Roof causing a Leak?

If you have rooftop snow and Icicles on your gutters and you have noticed water entering your house, if you didn’t know now you Know you have an Ice Dam.  Many homeowners are tempted to grab and ax or a sledge and start beaten the ice off the roof just beware of the longterm consequences.

Video of Ice Removal with a hatchet or Hammer

Hammers and Chisels will removed the ice but can easily damage the shingles under the ice.  It is possible to damage the shingles without even directly hitting the shingles as the force applied to the ice can be directly transferred to the shingles and damage them even if a little ice is left on the shingles.  We offer safe steam won’t damage the shingles.

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