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Steam Ice Dam Removal Contractors in North Dakota

If you have found this page, you probably are wondering how to remove and Ice Dam.  You have found the right place for Roof Snow and Ice Removal Service using Steam.  Hammers and chisels will remove ice, but often can lead to damaging the shingles.  Steam is safe for your gutters and roof and speedily melts the ice from your roof top.

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Ice dams are caused by snow melting on your rooftop and causing large icicles usually along the gutters.  These icicles are signs of a growing problem lurking on your roof.  While the icicles are small there is little to worry about, but as they continue to grow downwards, they also are slowly growing upwards on your roof causing a dam effect on the water running off your roof from snow melt.

ice dam formation oregon
This is how snow and rain end up breaking into the house through an ice dam

Ice Dam Prevention In North Dakota

If you have made it on this page, most likely you either already have an Ice dam or possibly even have a leak inside your home.  The key to  preventing an Ice formation on your roof is to have proper attic insulation.  If its below freezing outside your house, you want your attic to be below freezing also, which will prevent the snow on your rooftop from melting from house heat.  This water runoff from the snow melt while the weather is below freezing is the fuel for the ice dam and eventual water leaking inside the house.

Roof Raking and Gutter Heat Cables

Roof raking does help expose the shingles to the sun so that they can warm up and stop ice from freezing to the exposed roof edge.  Heat Tape or Gutter heating Cables zigzagged  on the edge of the roof supply heat to the gutters which can help reduce ice formation.  However, both these methods are only preventative and cannot treat an existing ice dam.

How to treat and Remove Existing Ice Dam.

If your roof is leaking you can usually stop the leak by roof snow removal service to your home.  Unfortunately with the typical weather in North Dakota being so cold during the winter, the Roof Ice probably will linger for a while and if any new snow or rain falls on the roof while the icedam is intact, that water could start running in the house again.

Steam Ice dam Removal Service in North Dakota

The fastest way to stop an ice damage with out damaging the roof is to use steam.  We have a network of contractors that have steamers and most likely we have a contractor near you.  It is common once a steamer is on site and working for a roof leak to be stopped in as little as 20-30 minutes.

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Insurance sometimes pays for our service if you have a leak in your home.  There are other solutions but with cautions.  Pouring chemicals on your roof can damage your gutters and discolor your roof and paint.  If you have a little more time you and feeling more motivated you can dump a couple hundred pounds of calcium on your ice dam and wait a little while and the ice dams will begin to resolve.

Here is a List of some of the Largest Cities in North Dakota we would like to service for steam  ice Dam and roof Ice Removal.

Fargo, ND. Harvey North Dakota
Bismarck, ND Grand Forks North Dakota
Minot, ND.
Mandan, ND.
Dickinson, ND. …
Jamestown, ND. …
West Fargo, ND.

Aberdeen South Dakota, hey is close enough to North Dakota

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