Safely Removing Ice Dams with Steam in Oregon

If you have an ice dam in Oregon and wondering what to do about it, Let is help you.

Pic of Ice dam in Oregon 2017

Oregon Ice Dam photo
This is an ice dam in Oregon January 2017, big problemūüĎĀūüĎĀ

DIY tips to Prevent Ice Dams Leaking

Thr best way to avoid an ice dam after there is snow on the roof is to keep the snow off the roof with a roof rake.    If there is an ice dam not formed this can help the sun heat the shingles up and keep the edge of roof ice free.  However if there already is large icicles o your gutters causing water to run into your house,   Please Do NOT:

  • Find a guy On craigslist with a blow torch, yes it happens
  • Grab a chainsawūü§Ē
  • Get a sledgehammer ¬†ūüĒ®
  • Put rock salt on your gutters ( can discolor roof and eat holes in the gutters.
  • but you can put calcium in a sock and throw it on the ice dam and it will slowly melt.

*Warning* Please ¬†do any of the things in this video to your ice dam or Home…

The Ice Dam is gone (along with all the pictures that were hanging on the wall before he broke out the sledge) but hate to see what the roof looks like in the spring,

Steam Ice Dam Removal will not damage shingles

Steaming is the safest way to get rid of Ice from your rooftop and it’s fast. ¬†It is not uncommon for us to have a roof leak stopped within 30 minutes of our arrival.

We Are steaming Ice off of roofs in Oregon and can assist you if you.

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Eagle Idaho infrared ice dam steaming

Boise Idaho News Video On Removing Ice Dams with Steam.


*please Note This website is not affiliated with Ice Dam Guys and video is for informational and News purposes only.

  • Steaming Ice Dams works

Steam is the most effective way to treat the ice dam problem without damaging the roof. ¬†Many of the local contractors are not well prepared for Ice Damong on roofs because there has not been this much snow in Boise Idaho since back in the 80’s.

If you can find a company using steam technology, this is the safest way to get the snow and ice off the roof with out destroying the shingles.  It is not uncommon to stop a leak within 20-30 minutes once the steamer is in operation.

The local companies in Idaho usually do not have steamers laying around since they can costs thousands of dollars.

This ice dam was no match for the steamer as shown in the Infrared Photo Below.

ice dam steam infrared
This is a picture of an ice dam being steamed with an infrared camera

This ice dam is being steamed and being photographed from an infrared camera. Notice how the water that is running down the gutter is extremely warm right now due to the steam speedily melting the ice and then running down the gutter.

The yellow and red parts are the heat signatures of the steam going to work on the ice. Steam ice dam removal is probably the fastest way to stop a leak in the house from ice buildup on the edge of the roof.

steaming ice dams in Eagle Idaho

Give us a call if you need someone to come by and Take the snow off your roof in Idaho or for ice removal from the roof with steam.

Boise Idaho having Big Ice Dam Problems

Ice dams are Big Problems In Boise Idaho This Year

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Video: ¬†Tips from Angie’s list how to prevent an Ice Dam.

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When you have snow on roofs ice dams form from the slow melting snow and refreshing at the edge of the roof. This causes the water to get dammed up on the roof and start to leak in the house. The good thing is with the right tools ice dams can be Taken care of in as little as a few hours of labor.

It is not advisable to bang away at the ice dam on the roof with a hammer and chisel or even worse methods such as sledge or blow torch. This may not only be dangerous but many times will result in damage to the roof long after the snow is gone.

The safest way to remove an ice dam from your roof is to use very low pressure steam. This will very speedily cuase the ice to let go of the shingles and fall off the roof.  It is common for Roof leaks to stop in as fast as 20 minutes from the time the ice dam is starting to be Steamed from a professional roof snow removal company.

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It really is crazy just how big the icicles are getting in Boise Idaho This year. Some people really love removing ice.

Guy kissing Ice Dam removal
This guy really loves icicles

Get rid of McClatchy the Icicle Real Fast With Steam

Different types of salt and rock salt can slowly melt the ice dam but can discolor the roof and even resolve the gutter in some cases.

Roof Razor Video In Action very Fast Roof Snow removal System

Here is a video of a Roof Razor in action taking Snow off of the Roof.

Is Roof Raking Effective?

Anyone who has ever used an old fashioned roof rake before knows it is not an easy task if it is even possible.  Roof rakes can be used fairly easily if you stay ahead of the snow and always remove it before its 6 inches deep or frozen.  However; if the snow is wet and heavy or it comes down to fast there is no way you are going to get the job done with the standard roof rake.  It might be possible but you would really have to be a very physical fit individual.

Roof Razor to the Roof Snow Removal Rescue.

Rooftop snow removal can be done with a roof razor even if the snow is deeper than six inches.  The area thing is this tool is much more heavy duty and can be extended much further than a typical rake.

This is great news for those worried about Ice dams this year.  Ice dams form from 2 basic things, much snow on the roof and poor attic insulation in cold weather.  Just look at the information graphic to help understand how snow on the roof becomes an Ice Dam and eventually leaks into the house.

ice dam formation from poor insulation

If you have not seen one of these in action before visit this page for many more roof razor videos.

If you already have an Ice Dam that is leaking into your house then its too late to use this method and you should find a professional to Steam the snow and Ice of the Shingles

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New York Roof Snow Removal Service

Professional Steam Ice Dam Removal is working with a Local Oswego and Buffalo NY Contractor

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Roof Snow Removal Services Provided by S & K Holiday Lighting of Upstate New York and Joe Mann, owner of Professional Ice Dam Removal, has been working with steamers for almost 25 years.  Many people think steaming technology is a new age idea, but Joe has been steaming ice off roofs for over two decades.

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steam Ice Dam Removal Ny
Steam Removal of an ice dam.

Watch Why A steamer is much better for roof snow removal.  Many people will use a hammer and chisel to get the ice off the roof and stop the leak, but this can end up leading to a leaky roof in the spring because hammering shingles even if you only hit the ice can damage shingles underneath.

The old fashioned way of waiting till your roof is leaking to call the local handyman is over.  Now that handyman was usually expected to break out the sledge hammer, an axe or a chisel and go to town on your ice dam till the roof stopped leaking.  The problem is the roof is now ice free, but so is possibly a few shingles.

Those days are over in Buffalo New York as local S & K Holiday Lighting is using Steaming technology and has help from the Professional Ice Dam Removal company to help make sure you rooftop snow is taken care of the the best way possible.

If you would like to find out more about S & K Holiday Lighting and other services they provide click here.

We also provide other roof raking types of services to get that rooftop snow and the ice at the edge of the shingles and gutter.  Some of the areas in New York serviced include

Clarence NY
East aurora
Orchard park
West Seneca
Boston NY
West falls