Boonville NY ice dam roof snow removal

Steam ice dam removal in Boonville New York

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steam ice dam removal watertown ny
Steaming massive ice dam off of the roof

Treating and Preventing Ice Dams Is Key

Prevention is the best way to treat an ice dam.  If you notice large I Ickes hanging from your gutters that is a key indicator your truck is not properly insulated.  Other obvious signs of poor insulation is your neighbors roofs all have snow piled high but your roof is totally snow free with large icicles hanging from the gutters.

Next step to Prevent Ice Dams in New York

Tug Hill is notoriously famous for massive snow and this is the primary fuel for an ice dam.  If you Shovel your roof then you stop the ice dam from ever forming.  Also roof taking the leading edge of the roof can help prevent ice formation.  This is becuase exposing the shingles to sunlight will allow the snow melting off roof to warm up with the sunlight beating on the shingles.

How to stop a Roof leak from Icedam

if your roof is leaking in Boonville NY, it is common to have someone come and beat the ice off your roof with a sledge or hatchet.  This is great to remove the Ice but not so great for your shingles.

Hatchet Marks left on Shingles from ice removal

Notice the ice is long gone but the roof damage remains from the use of hammers and chisels. The safest way to remove ice from your shingles is with a steamer to gently melt the Icicles away from your gutters.

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