Camden New York ice dam roof Snow Removal

Roof Snow and Steam Ice Dam Removal in Camden New York.

Do you have a bunch of snow on your roof which has started to leak into your home?  Do you have a bunch of large icicles dangling from your gutters?  Then you my friend have an Ice Dam.

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Steaming massive ice dam in Bend oregon

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Tips to Stop Ice Dams from Forming NY

Believe it or not, you want your attic to be as cold as the temperature outside of your house.  There are some people that seem to think putting heater in your attic will help melt the Roof Snow.  Yes but if the temperatures outside are below freezing then the snow melting will turn into ice in the gutters and eventually dam up the water behind the icicles o. The roof edge and leak into your house.

Insulation is the key to preventing Ice Dams.  If you live in Upstate New York, insulation will not only prevent Ice Dams, but also help on your heating bills in the winter.  Tug Hill is famous for snow fall so you might as well prep for the future and reinsulate your attic.

Stopping Ice Dam From Leaking In House

If you have an ice dam Leaking into your house you are most likely tempted to grab a hammer and chisel and bang away on your roof.  I would advise you to use extreme caution as this can damage the roof very easily.  Watch this short Video.

The other DIY solution is to dump a bunch of calcium on your ice dams.  It’s important not to be stingy with the calcium, I mean your roof is leaking so you are way past throwing hockey pucks or socks of calcium on your roof.  That will take way to long.  No, you need hundreds of pounds of calcium, not exaggerating.  Make sure it calcium or you could easily damage the gutters or discolor your roof.

You can also call us and very quickly we can steam the Ice off your roof to get the leak to stop.  We Service Upstate New York in towns of Redfield, Camden, Oswego, and surrounding areas.

For Steaming Ice Dam Services Call
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