Fast Ice Dam Removal by Fire Jackson Wyoming

 How Fast is Ice Dam Removal with Fire?

In 2017, I recently talked to a guy in Idaho advertising his services on Craigslist to perform Roof Ice buildup Removal with a Blowtorch .  I thought, “Is this really a good idea?”  I understand how fire can rapidly resolve Ice issues, but what about the rest of the house.

But for all you people that want to see Icicles meet fire here you go. Please note this is not the guy on craigslist, just another demo.

Mind Boggling to think People are paying for his Flame thrower service.

Demonstration of Fire Verse the Ice Dam

You would think this man would go out of business, but he told me customers were in no short supply these days.  I’m guessing people must believe fire is the natural “kryptonite” to icedams but  please keep in mind your house is probably the most valuable asset  you own, why would you have a guy with a propane blow torch anywhere near an ice dam or even anywhere near your house?  (Come to think of it, what would possess a person even to call this man in the first place?

I guess if you have Homeowners Insurance, Why Not?  😂😂😂 JK

If you still are thinking of using a blow torch here is a clip of the potential danger involved in melting ice with fire.

In News:  Blow Torch Melting Ice Gone Wrong

*DISCLAIMER*  Please Note:  This Website Does not advocate the Use of a blow torch, chainsaw, hatchet, sledgehammer or any other method to remove Ice from the gutters.  The safest way for the shingles on your roof is to use gentle low pressure steam.

For Steam Ice Dam Removal In Teton County WY call (307) 201-4895

steam ice dam removal Jackson Hole
Steaming massive ice dam On a house

We offer Roof Ice Buildup Removal with Steam in Jackson Wyoming and the surrounding areas including Afton, Thayne, Alpine, Star Valley Ranch, Freedom, Etna, Grover, Bedford, Smoot, Fairview, Osmond, Auburn and Turnerville are all located in Star Valley.

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