Epping NH Ice Dam Roof Snow Removal

Epping NH Steam Ice Dam Removal

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New Hampshire  steam Ice Dam Removal Ny
Steam Removal of an ice dam.

Icedams can cause major leaks into customers homes.  New Hampshire is used to tough winters but unusual amounts of drifting snow on roofs can cause ice buildup on roofs in places that typically don’t have problems.

Why use steam to remove Ice Dams?

we know it’s very popular to use hammers and chisels to remove snow and ice from roofs, but this can  leave a lasting impression on the shingles long after the snow is gone.

Steam is hot and very low pressure so it will not damage your roof while at the same time working much faster than other methods of rooftop ice melting services.  Chemicals can discolor the roof and ruin the gutters ic anything other than calcium is applied.

Gentle steam is faster than chemicals and can sometimes be reimbursed by insurance companies if the roof is leaking into the house.  You should ask your insurance first.

we recently had a job where a company before us charged a lower hourly rate but didn’t have the high dollar steamers our guy was using.  The customer said our guy did more in 2.5 hours than the other company did in 16 hours.  Having a good steamer can make the job go much faster than a heated pressure washer which some people use.  Remember if the company is charging by the hour they may be a little cheaper per hour but may end up taking much longer on the job becuase they are not using steamers but rather heated pressure washers.

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