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This shows some of our latest customers jobs by location and their reviews.  Call us if you have any requests we can probably send you more.  We do anything exterior like roofing, siding Fences and Decks.  If we don’t do it, we probably know someone else that can.  We love to refer other top notch contractors in the area.

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How to repair Tongue and Grove Deck boards DIY Tips in New London

How to Repair a cedar Deck with rotten Tongue and Grove decking boards.

If you have a deck that’s  is starting to rot you may not have to replace the whole deck, you might be able to repair it.

Tongue Grove cedar deck repair
Damaged cedar Tongue and Grove deck in need of repair

The first step is to decide how many boards you want to repair and then mark them with a square over a floor joist. It is important to have to hue and Grove replacement board end on a floor joist so that you can screw it down when you are finished. Watch the video below explain how to cut the boards.

After you have cut the boards out you will need to measure the empty space you just cut out and make a new cedar board the same length.

We purchased the cedar deck Tongue and Grove boards at UBS in Waterford for this repair on deck built in New London Connecticut. The most important thing when installing new cedar boards is to make sure you turn them the right way when installing.
The Tongue is higher in one side than the other. Once you leave me up the Tongue and Grove then you use a hammer on a scrap peice of wood to hit the new board back into place like in this video.

Make sure to screw board into floor when finished to insure the repair will not move in future years. It also may help to predrell the holes in new decking boards before drilling to prevent cracking.

Ledyard Connecticut Deck Building Diy Tips for quick Decking Board Removal

We are taking some decking boards up in ledyard Connecticut.

Its Spring 2017 and this is the time of year our phone starts to ring very heavily with calls about many types of spring projects.  One of the most popular projects is deck staining in the spring.

Power Washing and Staining decks Good Maintenance

It is a good practice to stain your deck every few years.  Many people think that staining a deck just keeps it looking new and often treat it as a discretionary expense.  Unfortunately the often leads to a much bigger problem of premature deck wear.

Staining decks not only keeps deck looking new but more importantly it keeps the wood water impermeable which is huge for longevity of your deck.  Once the stain starts to wear thin on the decking boards the water starts to enter the wood itself and in a few short years you may end up not even able to stain the deck anymore.

This is where this project come in, replacing the deck boards.  The good news is you don’t have to replace the whole deck, but the bad news is its going to be much more labor intensive to replace decking boards verses staining.  Keep in mind if you stain your deck every few years it will keep you from having to replace the deck boards in the first place.

Fastest way to remove decking boards and Replace for you DIY Guys.

If you found out the deck is to far worn to retain then the next best thing is to change out the decking boards.  We are doing a project in Ledyard CT and thought it provided some great video of a few short tips that will save you hours on your DIY deck project.

This video covers easy tips to for removal of Pressure Treated Decking and also show safety of bending nails so you don’t step on them.   Another time saver in this video is the posting new decking on floor joists while you are still removing old stained decking boards.


Island Park Idaho Ice Dam Removal with steam

Have Ice Dam Problem in Island Park ID?

Icedams can cause major problems with your houses roofs.  As the ice grows on the edge of your roof it can begin to trap water on your roof.

Hammers and Chisels can Damage your roof.

Chipping the ice away can stop the roof leak but end up leaving damage to on the shingles.

Roof damage from Icedam
Hammers can date shingles during ice removal

Serving Jackson Wyoming  Emergency service! For Steam Ice Dam Removal In Teton County WY call (307) 201-4895

Get steam for your roof and end the problem of ice fast.  If your roof is leaking from an Ice buildup, steaming is the fastest way to remove ice without leaving damage.

Call us today for and ask about roof snow removal of ice solutions to help prevent future problems.