How to repair Tongue and Grove Deck boards DIY Tips in New London

How to Repair a cedar Deck with rotten Tongue and Grove decking boards.

If you have a deck that’s  is starting to rot you may not have to replace the whole deck, you might be able to repair it.

Tongue Grove cedar deck repair
Damaged cedar Tongue and Grove deck in need of repair

The first step is to decide how many boards you want to repair and then mark them with a square over a floor joist. It is important to have to hue and Grove replacement board end on a floor joist so that you can screw it down when you are finished. Watch the video below explain how to cut the boards.

After you have cut the boards out you will need to measure the empty space you just cut out and make a new cedar board the same length.

We purchased the cedar deck Tongue and Grove boards at UBS in Waterford for this repair on deck built in New London Connecticut. The most important thing when installing new cedar boards is to make sure you turn them the right way when installing.
The Tongue is higher in one side than the other. Once you leave me up the Tongue and Grove then you use a hammer on a scrap peice of wood to hit the new board back into place like in this video.

Make sure to screw board into floor when finished to insure the repair will not move in future years. It also may help to predrell the holes in new decking boards before drilling to prevent cracking.

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