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Erie News Now Channel 12 interview with our Guy Joe the “Ice Dam” Mann

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2018 is off to a crazy arctic year.  Temperatures in parts of the US are colder than the arctic.  Lake effect snow from Erie has buried Parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

How do I know if i have an Ice Dam?

Icicles building up on the edge of your roof and overfilling your gutters is a good indication you may have and Ice Build up occurring. This can be more than a nuisance as its not just large icicles dangling from the gutters but actually the indicate the presence of the snow melt damning behind the ice build up.

Visual guide to the development of the Ice Dam and how they occur.

ice dam formation oregon
This is how snow and rain end up breaking into the house through an ice dam

The above diagram shows the process which generally takes about a week of subzero weather with the presence of significant snow accumulation on the roof.   This process can take much longer if you have more attic insulation.

A poor insulated attic space causes heat to escape the home and get trapped under the snow which actually can be a better insulator than the insulation itself.  Many people with poor insulation turn their thermostats hotter as the weather gets colder, causing an even more rapid heat loss though the attic.  The colder it gets can cause the ice to form more rapidly because the source of the dam is the melting snow from the roof.

The snow flakes on the roof that are in direct contact with the shingles actually melt even though the temperature outside can be much colder than 32 degrees F.  This cause the water from the snow melt to refreeze when it gets past the living space usually in the gutters and above the soffits.  a few inches of ice accumulation along the gutter is normal but as it grows taller the water becomes trapped behind the dam.

It is possible the have large ice piled up at the edge of the roof, and just past the living space having standing water on the roof that you can dip your whole hand into.  Roofs are designed to shed water not hold water and the water will actually drip into the attic and house threw the nail holes of the shingles when there is the presence of pooling water.

What should you do if you Have a Large Ice Buildup on the roof edge?

If there is a several day warm up where temperatures stay above freezing both day and night will cause the ice to either melt away or because severely brittle and thus can eliminate the problem; however if the forecast indicates no warm up soon you man need to get proactive to avoid greater problems in the future.

Tips to removal of roof ice
  1. Rake the snow off the edges of the roof.  This keeps shingles exposed so the sun can warm up the shingles and melt small accumulations of ice.
  2. Fill socks with calcium Chloride and lay on the area of concern.  This generally works more effectively than the calcium pucks but the calcium circles can be easier to install because you can pile them up in the same place or throw from the ground to the roof if you are patient. LOL.
  3. Install heated gutter cables along the edge of the roof and in the gutters to help melt the snow when it first falls.  Hint – if you already have an ice dam its probably too late.
  4. Monitor the situation.  If you notice icicles starting to drip from the soffit or running down the siding, you already have a serious problem going on and need to remove the ice ASAP.  If left untreated, the first warm day will cause major leaking into the house.
  5. Do not start banging aways with a sledgehammer, Hammer drill, Axe, chainsaw, or even a blow torch.  Yes, these are pretty common to see when you do this for a living.

Safest option for your roof is Low Pressure Gentle Ice Dam Steaming.

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ice dam steam infrared
This is a picture of an ice dam being steamed with an infrared camera

Our low pressure high temperature steam is one the fastest ways to eliminate ice damming with out damaging the roof.  It is so fast in fact, it is common for us to stop an interior leak within 20-30 minutes of our crews beginning work.  There are companies that offer high pressure lower temperature ice removal at lower costs, but this can not only damage the roof but also take many times longer to remove the ice buildup.

We are offering services this 2018 season in the state of OHIO in these cities and more.

  • Andover,  Ashtabula county, Austinburg OH
  • Conneaut Ohio,  Edgewood,  Geneva OH
  • Geneva-on-the-Lake,  Jefferson,  North Kingsville,
  • Orwell, Roaming Shores,  and Rock Creek Ohio

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