Steam Ice Dam Removal In Dunkirk & Fredonia Ny

Ice dam Removal Fredonia Dunkirk NY

Wether you call it an Ice Dam, ice jam, or roof ice buildup we can remove it with steam.

We have more reviews in the State of New York than any other steam Ice Dam Removal company that we know of as of January 2018.

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What is an Icedam and why is it a problem in New York?

If you came to this page you most likely are now becoming too familiar with the phrase Ice Dam and discovering how damaging they can become. Many houses in Fredonia New York are built to withstand large accumulating roof snow loads. The roof ice buildup becomes the problem however, when the large volume of snow is accompanied by subzero weather for weeks at a time.

How does cold weather form Ice Dams?

Lake effect snow can pile up quickly along the shores of Lake Erie in cities like Dunkirk and Jamestown But doesn’t usually lead to ice dam problems. The real issue is poor attic insulation. The cold weather causes many poorly insulated houses to turn the heat way up to compensate for all the heat being lost through the attic, which unfortunately is being trapped by the rooftop snow.

Champaign IL Ice Dam Removal
This is how escaping heat from the attic causes ice dam to form

Snow is a great insulator and will hold the warm air in the attic, but melts the bottom layer of snow in direct contact with the shingles being warmed by the attic even in subzero weather. This is what feeds the problem of the growing icicles on the edge of the roof because the water refreezes at the edge of the roof.
If the weather remains below freeze by and icicles left untreated will begin to trap the water from the melted snow on the roof. The water may refreeze at the roof edge but over the warm attic it can stay well above freezing and become a large pool of water behind the growing ice buildup. The pooling water is not good for shingles as they are designed to shed water and when submerged the water will actually travel through the nails holding the shingles down and enter inside the house.

How do you prevent and remove an Ice Dam?

Preventing an Icedam is the best solution. Here are some steps to prevent roof ice buildup.
1. Install added insulation in the attic
2. Install heated gutter cables along the roof edge and inside the Gutters to keep them open and flowing in freezing weather conditions
3. Roof raking to help keep shingles near roof edge exposed to the sunlight which will help melt small accusations of ice along the end of the shingles.
4. Throw calcium pellets or calcium chloride in socks one the problem area of the roof.
5. If water is leaking into the house call a company to come remove the ice dam with steam. If you start pounding away with a sledgehammer or an axe on the ice it may stop the leak but often times you will need to repair or replace that section of roof in the spring. Pounding on roofs with a large sledge is very common when ice damming occurs but just think about what you are doing to the shingles and roof structure underneath. You will often see large chunks of ice come off the roof along with prices of shingles still frozen to the ice falling off. It may not be apparent until the snow melts and you see shingles littering the yard.
We offer steam ice dam removal services in western New York.

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We would like to provide roof snow removal service in Derby, Dunkirk, Fredonia, and Jamestown Ny.

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