Steam Ice Dam Roof Snow Removal Urbana and Champaign Illinois

Looking for Snow and Ice Dam Removal from your Roof in Champaign Illinois?

If you cam to this page most likely you are just learning about what an ice dam is.  If fact you likely have never even heard the term before you notices your roof leaking outside while there is snow.

Almost every year there are roof ice buildups large enough to cause leaks into the home, due to the large icicles damming or trapping the water on the roof.  it is very common on flat or low slope roofs and around the valleys.

What is an ice dam?

Icedams or as many people incorrectly pronounce it as an Ice Jam is a large formation of ice at the roofs edge that holds water on the roof and if large enough can causes the roof to leak.

Below is a picture that explains the formation of an Ice Dam

Champaign IL Ice Dam Removal
This is how escaping heat from the attic causes ice dam to form

The melting snow on the roof is the source of the water forming the icicles in the gutters of your home.  Poor attic insulation is the real culprit causing the snow to melt on your home when the weather is actually subzero.

If your attic is not well insulated, the heat from the living spaces leak inside the attic and causes the bottom layer of snow touching the warm shingles to melt slowly.  When the melted snow reaches the area above the roof where there is no heat from living area escaping it refreezes in subzero weather.  When enough ice fills your gutters and bigness to buildup on your roofs edge it can begin to trap the water on the roof.

In severe cold weather it is not uncommon to see standing water still heated from the house trapped behind the ice above the soffit or non heated space.  Now Illinois is now know for much snow, especially around Champaign and Urbana, but the houses also are not build to withstand large snow loads.

Does Illinois Get Enough Snow for Icedams?

Because Southern Illinois is not know for having tremendous snow falls, there may not be much ice and water shield on the roofs edge which is designed to prevent leaking due to snow and ice.

This means it doesn’t take as large of an ice dam to cause a leak into the home.  So how do you prevent ant ice dam?

  1. Insulate the attic space
  2. Install heat cables in a zigzag pattern along the roof edge
  3. Rake the edge of the roof of snow.  This will allow the sun to heat the shingles and melt light ice accumulation along the roofs edge
  4. Throw calcium pellets or Socks full of calcium to melt the ice.
  5. Do not take a Chainsaw, Chisel, or Blowtorch to get the ice off the roof, you may make a much bigger problem to your roof while stopping the current leak.

Steam Ice Dam Removal is safest method for your roof.

This method will work faster than about any other method and won’t damage your shingles.  Make sure the steam is hot enough cut the ice but also needs low pressure to not damage the shingles.  Heated pressure washers do not get the water hot enough to rapidly melt the ice and can end up depending more on the high pressure to get rid of the ice.  This high pressure can damage the roof causing granular loss and even holes in the shingles in extreme cases.

Cites near Urbana Illinois we would like to service for roof snow removal and steam ice dam removal
Urbana, IL
Champaign, IL
Rantoul, IL
Danville, IL
Decatur, IL
Charleston, IL
Mattoon, IL
Bloomington, IL
Normal, IL
Pontiac, IL
Lincoln, IL
Terre Haute, IN
Taylorville, IL
Kankakee, IL
Crawfordsville, IN

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