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2018 North mankato mn Steam ice dam removal

Steam Ice Dam Removal Minnesota
We steam ice off roofs in Mankota Minnesota

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Joe The “Ice Dam “ Mann has been steaming ice dams off roofs before most ice dam contractors were out of diapers.  Joe has been helping homeowners stop their ice dam problems in Minnesota while many of these young whipper snappers were still trying to figure out how to get that last little bit of milk out of their bottles.

That being said, Time on the roof and in the Elements is the great teacher that sets Joe Man apart from about all the companies in the ice dam business.  Not only does he have the right tools for the job (a fleet of Artic Pro Steamers), but  he knows actually how to use them efficiently.

While many companies give you a great deal on their hourly price, you can rest assured you will get the  best bang for your buck buy hiring a true professional ice steaming contractor like Joe.  We have had customers tell Joe he did in two hours what other companies took 12-14 hours to accomplish.  It’s not only having the right equipmentment  to do the job, it’s having the right technique to cut the ice of the roof.

Some companies will give you a great hourly rate to melt the ice off your roof but when they show up can really milk the clock by melting every price of ice rather than just cutting the ice In large blocks and melting the chunks free from the roof so they can gently slide off the roof saving not only the shingles underneath, but saving your wallet.

Joe has shared his expertise around the country helping save home homeowners major damage from interior leaks. In 2018 he was interviewed on the Local News in Erie Pennsylvania after their record snow storm.  Here is a minute long clip.

Joe the “Ice Dam” Mann Interviewed on News in 2018

Roof snow removal in North Mankota

call Joe For an estimate removing ice and snow from your roof.   If you get the snow off before the roof ice forms, it can help prevent a roof leak.  Once an Icedam developes, it can be pretty hard to remove Without damaging the roof if you are not a pro.  Hitting your roof with a hammer or sledge May break up the Ice, but the force of the hammer transfer through the ice into the shingles and can really cause some serious damage.  Gentle safe steaming is the only method that will speedily remove the ice without damage to the roof.

it is true you can find guys that will use heat guns, hammer drills, blow torches and heated pressure washers, but these are very likely to damage the roof underneath.  It is extremely common to have insurance companies pay to replace roofs in the spring that were damaged from improper roof snow removal techniques.

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