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Information for people following Ice dams across the country 2016

This map shows the predictions of the Polar vortex for the next 10 days.  I believe it is current from the day you click on the link.  It is an animated picture of the polar vortex moving across the United states.

From December 22nd, 2016 it looks like the Colder weather will stay more or north of the Canadian border for the remainder of 2016, but early 2017 might start to travel a little south into New England.

In order for Ice Dams to form  in general you need about 2 feet of snow on the roofs and below freezing weather for at least a week or two.

If they form at your house we will have Steamers standing by to help your houses needs.

If you are a professional that owns a steamer, call us and join our network of steamers across the country.

2016 Up State New York Ice Dam Forecast

  1. New York is looking like the best candidate in the USA for the first major Ice Dams of the 2017 winter season.
  2. In order to have ice dams you need to have 2 ingredients, the first being snow on roofs (preferably about 2 ft or more) and you need to have weeks of weather below freezing or near  freezing.  If it gets to 40 degrees or above most of the snow will rapidly melt off the roofs and ice will look like Swiss cheese over the gutters which generally does not act as an ice dam.
  3. This makes upstate New York the Best candidate in US for significant ice dams this season.  Look at the current snow totals in this screen shot of the current snow totals on the ground in New York.
  4. New York current snow totals December 2016
    Screen shot of 2016 current snow totals on the ground as of December 21



    As you can see if you are steam Ice Dam company you should keep your eye on Upstate New York for first round of Ice Dams this year.


Fastest Way to Remove an Ice Dam

  1. This is probably one of the fastest ways to remove and Ice dam. But please watch second video just below.

Just watch this Guy destroy this Ice Dam

He beats the Ice dam with not just a hammer, but a sledge.  Then chops up the ice with a Chainsaw.  The guy just goes to town on this poor houses roof.  The icicles never even stood a chance.


What do you think, would you hire a  guy with a CHAINSAW to stop a roof leak? Ok now lets look at something more civilized.

The Worlds Fastest Way to Remove an Ice Dam Safely

Th guy with a chainsaw unfortunately has not probably even heard of steam ice dam Removal, but he would be much better off using safe steam.  I can only recommend steam to remove the pesky ice dams.

It is not uncommon to have a roof leak stop within 20 minutes of steaming a roof.  And the nice thing is the roof stops leaking when the ice is gone, but it doesn’t leak next time it rains as can happen if you bang away at an ice dam with a sledge hammer.

For Oregon Ice Dam Roof Snow Removal call           541-204-2231

For Steam Ice Dam Removal Service in Boise Idaho Call

(208) 261-7230


Many times insurance will actually foot the bill to have the ice removed off the roof because the interior damage from a roof leak can add up quickly.  It is not uncommon to have 5,000$ or more of interior damage from water flooding into a house from a rooftop snow that never was removed.

If you own a Steamer and would like to join our network please contact us.  We like to make sure homeowners across the country can have someone remove their ice dams with steam.

Blow Torch Versus the Ice Dam

Do Not try this At home!

This is Highly dangerous and should not even be left to a professional.  But you can watch the Demonstration here.

Please put the blow torch down, tempting as it may be.  Now there are guys that offer this service on craigslist, but as the saying goes, “buyers beware.”

Ice dam removal should only be done by steam. NOT with a torch!

Oregon Steam Ice Dam Removal


Demonstration of how safe steam is for your Shingles

Call our network of Contractors working in your area!


What do you think?


Popular methods to remove Ice Dams

  • Got Ice Dams?

Tips to Remove them

So you have an Ice Dam which you may have never even heard of such a thing before the water started leaking in your house. Now you are researching the web trying to find how to get that massive amount of ice from off the edge of your roof.   Glad you found this page.

There are a lot of ways that people try to remove ice dams.

Step 1

The first tip is not let the ice dam form which starts with having correct insulation, but if you have an ice dam now, it’s too late for worrying about insulation now (you will probably be changing it soon anyways if you are here looking for tips to get rid of the ice dam:).

Step 2

If you have insulation issues the next step to prevent ice dams should be roof raking and roof snow removal.  If there is no snow melting on your roof than an ice dam cannot form.

Now if you have failed to do this before and you now have an ice dam, roof taking will do absolutely nothing so please stop raking now.

Step 3

There and many obvious fixes that come to people minds and I will post a few videos of what people often try to do.

The Sledge Hammer and Chainsaw method:

The Blow Torch Method

The Beat it with a Shovel Method

Though these methods are often tried, they are not recomended and may result in you needing not only an ambulance, but also a new roof in the spring.

Please note this website does not recommend  any of the above methods.  Steam is the safest way to remove ice from your roof.

Please stay safe this Season and Call a Professional Steam Ice Dam Removal Company

What do you do to remove Ice Dams?

Ice Dams are Problems prevented by Roof Rake Or Not

The ice dam problem.

Should you roof rake or should you not? This is a pretty simple question but most likely if you were on this page, you have a problem with an ice dam.

When there is nice fresh powder on your roof it is a great time to start taking your roof. However, once you have an ice dam it is probably too late.

The snow melting on your roof is what forms the icicles at the edge of your roof. If dealt with early and the roof is cleared of most all of the snow that eliminates the course for the ice dam to form.
unfortunately, once the water is trickling in the house the only real solution is to call for a steam ice dam removal contractor. please note is not the safest method TV beating on the ice with any hammers chisels or even chainsaws. Yes, we have seen this happen to someone poor house. It will get rid of the ice and maybe a few shingles as well.

Steam is the safest method to remove the snow without harming the house, roof, gutters, or most importantly the shingles.