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DIY Tip From Pro – How to clean mold and moss off a Roof with Bleach

How to get this Ugly Black and Green stains off your shingled Roof

Sometimes an older roof really is not as old as it looks.  Moss and mold can start to grow on your roof causing the roof to look very dirty and old.  Often times a little roof cleaning can bring back the original color of the roof and restore the new look of the roof.

Before and after photos of a roof being cleaned.

Clean your roof with bleach
Using a little soap and a bleach product will get your roof looking like this. See the top half of photo is section of roof already clean and the bottom section of roof is still in need of cleaning

This roof is being cleaned and is not finished yet,  but you can see the dramatic difference of the roof.  If you spray bleach and a mixture of water and maybe a little dish soap you can get similar results as this.    The top half of the roof has been cleaned and the bottom half is before it is cleaned.  The dish soap helps the bleach stick to roof a little while longer.

How to spray Bleach On your Roof for DIY roof Cleaning

It really is easy to clean a roof off with bleach.  As a professional there are a lot of cleaning products on the market but most of them are much more expensive than simple bleach and are not nearly as effective as bleach and water.

Here is another photo of a roof in the middle of being cleaned by me.

Roof cleaning stencil on dirty shingles
This roof was very dirty and started off with us spraying “roof cleaning” on the dirty section of roof

As as you can see a black and dirty roof does not necessarily mean the roof is old and needs replacing, you can restore the roof with a little bit of bleach and water.  We actually added a little TSP to the solution to make it a little more potent.

A very important step to the process is to make sure you add enough bleach to the solution to get good end  results.  If you don’t add enough bleach you will not break down the mold and black streaks enough to loosen the dirt and grime from the shingles.  If you don’t break down the moss and algea enough then you will have to use more pressure to spray the dirt off the asphalt shingles which is not good for them.

Keep in mind they pour tons of Bleach in swimming pools and really is used in farms to keep inside of  pipes clean for drinking water for animals.  Now after the bleach solution is dried on the roof you want to use s low pressure rinse to get the black stains off the roof. Steam is a good source of low pressure rinsing agent and can help clean the roof and kill the algea.  Steam also Can help reseal the shingles buy melting glue lines back together but if you don’t have a steamer use A very low pressure rinse to get the mold off your roof.

*Hint* If you have to use a lot of pressure then you may not have put a strong enough bleach solution on the roof. Keep In Mind shingle manufactures recommend cleaning shingles with bleach so it is not bad for the roof.   Make sure you use an outdoor bleach which is much stronger than most household bleach and if you are worried about plants below make sure you wet them before and after spraying the roof.  Also the strongest bleach you can probably buy is pool shock from a pool supply place.  This is what they put in pools you swim in so how bad could it really be after it is dried?  Just make sure you dilute the pool shock with water to help activate the chlorine salts.

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or call us if you need your roof cleaned in Connecticut.

Customer Reviews For Zimmerman Construction and Roofing

Read some of the latest reviews for Zimmerman Construction and Roofing out of Montville Connecticut.

This shows some of our latest customers jobs by location and their reviews.  Call us if you have any requests we can probably send you more.  We do anything exterior like roofing, siding Fences and Decks.  If we don’t do it, we probably know someone else that can.  We love to refer other top notch contractors in the area.

We actually have Two addresses, one is in Uncasville Connecticut and the other one is where our mail can be recieved year round as Uncasville is a good place to send mail also.

How to repair Tongue and Grove Deck boards DIY Tips in New London

How to Repair a cedar Deck with rotten Tongue and Grove decking boards.

If you have a deck that’s  is starting to rot you may not have to replace the whole deck, you might be able to repair it.

Tongue Grove cedar deck repair
Damaged cedar Tongue and Grove deck in need of repair

The first step is to decide how many boards you want to repair and then mark them with a square over a floor joist. It is important to have to hue and Grove replacement board end on a floor joist so that you can screw it down when you are finished. Watch the video below explain how to cut the boards.

After you have cut the boards out you will need to measure the empty space you just cut out and make a new cedar board the same length.

We purchased the cedar deck Tongue and Grove boards at UBS in Waterford for this repair on deck built in New London Connecticut. The most important thing when installing new cedar boards is to make sure you turn them the right way when installing.
The Tongue is higher in one side than the other. Once you leave me up the Tongue and Grove then you use a hammer on a scrap peice of wood to hit the new board back into place like in this video.

Make sure to screw board into floor when finished to insure the repair will not move in future years. It also may help to predrell the holes in new decking boards before drilling to prevent cracking.

Ledyard Connecticut Deck Building Diy Tips for quick Decking Board Removal

We are taking some decking boards up in ledyard Connecticut.

Its Spring 2017 and this is the time of year our phone starts to ring very heavily with calls about many types of spring projects.  One of the most popular projects is deck staining in the spring.

Power Washing and Staining decks Good Maintenance

It is a good practice to stain your deck every few years.  Many people think that staining a deck just keeps it looking new and often treat it as a discretionary expense.  Unfortunately the often leads to a much bigger problem of premature deck wear.

Staining decks not only keeps deck looking new but more importantly it keeps the wood water impermeable which is huge for longevity of your deck.  Once the stain starts to wear thin on the decking boards the water starts to enter the wood itself and in a few short years you may end up not even able to stain the deck anymore.

This is where this project come in, replacing the deck boards.  The good news is you don’t have to replace the whole deck, but the bad news is its going to be much more labor intensive to replace decking boards verses staining.  Keep in mind if you stain your deck every few years it will keep you from having to replace the deck boards in the first place.

Fastest way to remove decking boards and Replace for you DIY Guys.

If you found out the deck is to far worn to retain then the next best thing is to change out the decking boards.  We are doing a project in Ledyard CT and thought it provided some great video of a few short tips that will save you hours on your DIY deck project.

This video covers easy tips to for removal of Pressure Treated Decking and also show safety of bending nails so you don’t step on them.   Another time saver in this video is the posting new decking on floor joists while you are still removing old stained decking boards.


Island Park Idaho Ice Dam Removal with steam

Have Ice Dam Problem in Island Park ID?

Icedams can cause major problems with your houses roofs.  As the ice grows on the edge of your roof it can begin to trap water on your roof.

Hammers and Chisels can Damage your roof.

Chipping the ice away can stop the roof leak but end up leaving damage to on the shingles.

Roof damage from Icedam
Hammers can date shingles during ice removal

Serving Jackson Wyoming  Emergency service! For Steam Ice Dam Removal In Teton County WY call (307) 201-4895

Get steam for your roof and end the problem of ice fast.  If your roof is leaking from an Ice buildup, steaming is the fastest way to remove ice without leaving damage.

Call us today for and ask about roof snow removal of ice solutions to help prevent future problems.

Berlin Steam Roof snow Ice Dam Removal

Roof Steam IceDam Removal Serving All of Berlin & Water Valley New Hampshire Call (603) 931-4556

Watch How To Stop an Ice Dam with No Shingle Damage

Steam Roof IceDam Removal in New Hampshire Call (603) 931-4556

Ice dams can cause major problems when they leak into the home.  Water runs behind the walls and can get the insulation wet.  When homeowners find water spots on their ceilings they many times can panic but remember the safest way for your roof to get ice of is with gentle steam.  We offer steaming services to most of New Hampshire and have seen some pretty big ice dams in New Hampshire in 2017 especially around the Ski Resorts in Water Valley Area.

Blunt force can Cause Damage to shingles Just Watch

The most popular method is to hammer away at the frozen roof until the  ice is gone.  But remember you are not only trying to stop the roof from immediate leaks the ice is causing now, but you also want to make sure the roof doesn’t leak in the spring time when it rains.

We are a roofing company that has much experience taking snow and ice off roofs and believe me, I speak from experience that hammers and chisels can damage roofs.  I have seen insurance companies pay to remove snow and ice from roofs in the winter and then in the spring pay to replace the same roof from damage caused by improper ice removal.

Roof Steaming Ice Dam Removal Same Day  Service  in New Hampshire Call (603) 931-4556

These are the areas we service in New Hampshire

West Stewartstown


Epping NH Ice Dam Roof Snow Removal

Epping NH Steam Ice Dam Removal

Steam Ice Dam Removal Contractors for All of New Hampshire Call (603) 931-4556.

New Hampshire  steam Ice Dam Removal Ny
Steam Removal of an ice dam.

Icedams can cause major leaks into customers homes.  New Hampshire is used to tough winters but unusual amounts of drifting snow on roofs can cause ice buildup on roofs in places that typically don’t have problems.

Why use steam to remove Ice Dams?

we know it’s very popular to use hammers and chisels to remove snow and ice from roofs, but this can  leave a lasting impression on the shingles long after the snow is gone.

Steam is hot and very low pressure so it will not damage your roof while at the same time working much faster than other methods of rooftop ice melting services.  Chemicals can discolor the roof and ruin the gutters ic anything other than calcium is applied.

Gentle steam is faster than chemicals and can sometimes be reimbursed by insurance companies if the roof is leaking into the house.  You should ask your insurance first.

we recently had a job where a company before us charged a lower hourly rate but didn’t have the high dollar steamers our guy was using.  The customer said our guy did more in 2.5 hours than the other company did in 16 hours.  Having a good steamer can make the job go much faster than a heated pressure washer which some people use.  Remember if the company is charging by the hour they may be a little cheaper per hour but may end up taking much longer on the job becuase they are not using steamers but rather heated pressure washers.

Call for Steam Ice Dam Removal In All of New Hampshire 603 931-4556.

Fast Ice Dam Removal by Fire Jackson Wyoming

 How Fast is Ice Dam Removal with Fire?

In 2017, I recently talked to a guy in Idaho advertising his services on Craigslist to perform Roof Ice buildup Removal with a Blowtorch .  I thought, “Is this really a good idea?”  I understand how fire can rapidly resolve Ice issues, but what about the rest of the house.

But for all you people that want to see Icicles meet fire here you go. Please note this is not the guy on craigslist, just another demo.

Mind Boggling to think People are paying for his Flame thrower service.

Demonstration of Fire Verse the Ice Dam

You would think this man would go out of business, but he told me customers were in no short supply these days.  I’m guessing people must believe fire is the natural “kryptonite” to icedams but  please keep in mind your house is probably the most valuable asset  you own, why would you have a guy with a propane blow torch anywhere near an ice dam or even anywhere near your house?  (Come to think of it, what would possess a person even to call this man in the first place?

I guess if you have Homeowners Insurance, Why Not?  😂😂😂 JK

If you still are thinking of using a blow torch here is a clip of the potential danger involved in melting ice with fire.

In News:  Blow Torch Melting Ice Gone Wrong

*DISCLAIMER*  Please Note:  This Website Does not advocate the Use of a blow torch, chainsaw, hatchet, sledgehammer or any other method to remove Ice from the gutters.  The safest way for the shingles on your roof is to use gentle low pressure steam.

For Steam Ice Dam Removal In Teton County WY call (307) 201-4895

steam ice dam removal Jackson Hole
Steaming massive ice dam On a house

We offer Roof Ice Buildup Removal with Steam in Jackson Wyoming and the surrounding areas including Afton, Thayne, Alpine, Star Valley Ranch, Freedom, Etna, Grover, Bedford, Smoot, Fairview, Osmond, Auburn and Turnerville are all located in Star Valley.

Camden New York ice dam roof Snow Removal

Roof Snow and Steam Ice Dam Removal in Camden New York.

Do you have a bunch of snow on your roof which has started to leak into your home?  Do you have a bunch of large icicles dangling from your gutters?  Then you my friend have an Ice Dam.

steam ice dam removal watertown ny
Steaming massive ice dam in Bend oregon

For Steaming Ice Dam Services Call

(716) 517-4345

Tips to Stop Ice Dams from Forming NY

Believe it or not, you want your attic to be as cold as the temperature outside of your house.  There are some people that seem to think putting heater in your attic will help melt the Roof Snow.  Yes but if the temperatures outside are below freezing then the snow melting will turn into ice in the gutters and eventually dam up the water behind the icicles o. The roof edge and leak into your house.

Insulation is the key to preventing Ice Dams.  If you live in Upstate New York, insulation will not only prevent Ice Dams, but also help on your heating bills in the winter.  Tug Hill is famous for snow fall so you might as well prep for the future and reinsulate your attic.

Stopping Ice Dam From Leaking In House

If you have an ice dam Leaking into your house you are most likely tempted to grab a hammer and chisel and bang away on your roof.  I would advise you to use extreme caution as this can damage the roof very easily.  Watch this short Video.

The other DIY solution is to dump a bunch of calcium on your ice dams.  It’s important not to be stingy with the calcium, I mean your roof is leaking so you are way past throwing hockey pucks or socks of calcium on your roof.  That will take way to long.  No, you need hundreds of pounds of calcium, not exaggerating.  Make sure it calcium or you could easily damage the gutters or discolor your roof.

You can also call us and very quickly we can steam the Ice off your roof to get the leak to stop.  We Service Upstate New York in towns of Redfield, Camden, Oswego, and surrounding areas.

For Steaming Ice Dam Services Call
(716) 517-4345

Boonville NY ice dam roof snow removal

Steam ice dam removal in Boonville New York

Also Roof Snow And Ice Removal call  Call (716) 517-4345

steam ice dam removal watertown ny
Steaming massive ice dam off of the roof

Treating and Preventing Ice Dams Is Key

Prevention is the best way to treat an ice dam.  If you notice large I Ickes hanging from your gutters that is a key indicator your truck is not properly insulated.  Other obvious signs of poor insulation is your neighbors roofs all have snow piled high but your roof is totally snow free with large icicles hanging from the gutters.

Next step to Prevent Ice Dams in New York

Tug Hill is notoriously famous for massive snow and this is the primary fuel for an ice dam.  If you Shovel your roof then you stop the ice dam from ever forming.  Also roof taking the leading edge of the roof can help prevent ice formation.  This is becuase exposing the shingles to sunlight will allow the snow melting off roof to warm up with the sunlight beating on the shingles.

How to stop a Roof leak from Icedam

if your roof is leaking in Boonville NY, it is common to have someone come and beat the ice off your roof with a sledge or hatchet.  This is great to remove the Ice but not so great for your shingles.

Hatchet Marks left on Shingles from ice removal

Notice the ice is long gone but the roof damage remains from the use of hammers and chisels. The safest way to remove ice from your shingles is with a steamer to gently melt the Icicles away from your gutters.

Watertown NY Roof Snow And Steam Ice Removal call Call (716) 517-4345