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 Ice Dams Ice Jams or what ever you call them! We stop roof leaks fast with our steaming process, no hammers or chisels.

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Are you in need of a fast roof ice Removal Service. With our steam services we can cut through ice like a laser. We have specialty equipment designed to remove and melt ice quickly.

Indiana Ice Dam removal
This ice dam is massive and needs some serious steaming notice plywood behind ice to stop falling ice from braking windows.  Experience really is good in this business.
Our steam can cut through ice like butter and stop your roof leak quick.

How does roof ice and snow causes roof leaks?
It is not under usual circumstances that snow on a roof will cause a leak; however, when roofs are not well insulated the snow can form ice along the roof edge. If there is significant snow fall and prolonged below freezing weather, the snow melt above the attic can run to the edge of the roof and refreeze.

Champaign IL Ice Dam Removal
This is how escaping heat from the attic causes ice dam to form

You need two major components to have ice dams.
1. You need to have significant snow fall
2. You need to have below freezing temperatures for several days continuously. If the temperature is above freezing during the day and blow freezing at night generally it is not the right environment to grow significant icedams.
Do ice dams form in Carmel, Fishers, greenwood or any where in Indiana?

Typically, there is the cold winters where it can stay below freezing for more than a week. However, there generally is not enough snow fall so having snow fall followed by cold weather in Indiana is generally not very likely. But this does not mean ice dams do not form.
Ice dams may not be as common in Indianapolis but closer to the Great Lakes places like South Bend, Michigan City and Gary Indiana. Lake Michigan can cause severe lake effect snow resulting in coastal cities receiving many times more volume in snow than inland areas.
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This can actually cause ice dams to form in these narrow snow bands while neighboring cities may have little to no snow.

Indianapolis is not immune to roof ice and in fact 2018 was off to a very cold start not producing significant roof ice but on 2015 there were many reports of ice-buildup along the roof edge. It was actually common for people to think pipes are busting in their attic and calling plumbers when actually it is a roof leak resulting from roof snow accumulation.

Steaming ice dams in Indiana  is what we do


In Indiana we offer many services through out the year but we do have ice steaming services and have general liability insurance and workman’s compensation covering guys on the roof. Zimmerman Construction and Roofing is registered through the Secretary of State in Indianapolis and insured throughout the state.
We have more knowledge of ice dam steaming than most any company in the state. Just in beginning in 2018 our website was featured on the news in Erie Pa for helping locals dig out from the record snow fall they had around Christmas. They ended up getting buried under almost 7 feet of snow the week between Christmas and New Years resulting in roofs collapsing and major roof ice problems.
We know Ice Removal and will get your roof leaks stopped fast. It is common for us to get roof leaks stopped within 30 minutes of us starting work on the job site. Many of the people we work with are roofers during the rest of the year so they understand many aspects of the roofing industry.

While many companies are banging away at ice with hammers and chisels, this is not only slow but very dangerous for your shingles and can often result in roof damage. Steaming icicles is the safest way for your roof ice buildup problem to not destroy your shingles.