Professional Ice dam Removal offers Steam Ice dam Removal Primarily in Minnesota.

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Professional Ice Dam Removal is Run by Joe ” the Ice Dam” Mann and is a leader in the industry.  Joe has been steaming ice dams for over 20 years now.  Joe has been advocating the use of Steam to remove Ice Buildup off roofs even back when hammer and chisel was popular.   In fact, Joe has convinced roofers around the country to surrender the hammer and chisel and take up a steamer to help save the roofs.

Joe has been interviewed by the news for his expert opinion and advice about the icedam removal process with steam.  Joe Live in Minnesota year round but also has grown to provide ice steaming services across the United States.

Satisfied customers across the country will tell you Professional Ice Dam Removal is among the most knowledgeable in the industry.  Joe has teamed up with Jasper Drywall in  Duluth Mn to take care of the interior damage after the roof snow is removed and the leak is stopped.

Most often Insurance companies will pay for the interior damage if your roof has been leaking due to the elements.  Also if notified in advance the insurance often times will pay for the steaming services to safely remove the ice from the gutters without damaging your shingles.