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Hammers And Chisels can Cause Damage to Roofs Just Watch

The most popular method by far to remove Ice buildup on a roofs edge is to bang away with a hammer until the ice is gone.  Its very common to hire people that  start breaking up ice with the blunt force of a hammer or  use a sharp metal object.

Hammers work great to chip the ice away, but as the video shows above it really can have a not so good lasting impression upon your roof long after the winter is over.  This is why we Offer steam to take ice off rooftops.

Watch How To Stop an Ice Dam?

Steam Roof IceDam Removal Serving All of New Hampshire Call (603) 931-4556

We think Steam is the best method to speedily remove ice without harm to the roof, but Roof ice Prevention really starts long before the first snow.  The best solution to an ice dam is better insulation in your attic.  A good tip is you want your attic to be as cold as the weather outside during the winter.  If the attic is to warm when it below freezing outside, the snow will melt from the heat of the house and then refreeze at the edge of the roof when it meets the roofed because it runs into the below freezing gutters.

Another good indication you do not have enough insulation is if every house on your street has no on the roof but yours is already melted with large icicles hanging from the gutters.  If the snow is melting on the roof while it is below freezing, you will end up having icicles forming in the gutters which is the beginning stages of ice dams.

What about Gutter Heating Cables.

These can work but the problem is many of the popular off the shelf brands do not tend to last very long like one or two seasons, and may not work that well.  There are other brands that do work much more call us and ask we can help point you the right way. (603) 931-4556

How to Remove an Ice Dam from Rooftop

As stated before it is very common to grab a Hammer and start banging away at the ice but this can damage the shingles underneath even if hammer never contacts roof itself.  The force of the hammer can transfer through the ice into the roof material and cause leaks, and I have seen it happen.

Chemical Ice Melter and Socks for Roof Ice

This is typically a slower process and if you have a leak in your house you may not have time, putting socks with ice melt can work but usually this is more preventative than trying to stop a roof leak.  Make sure you use the right chemicals to melt the ice or you can discolor your roof or desolve the gutters.

Gentle Steam Ice Dam Removal is Solution

Low Pressure steam will rapidly resolve you ice dam without out harming your shingles.  It is not uncommon to have a leak from an icedam stop within 20-30 minutes of a steamers melting gutter ice.

Steam Ice Dam Removal Serving All of New Hampshire Call (603) 931-4556

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