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Joe the “Ice Dam” Mann has been steaming Ice for several decades now .  He gained his vast knowledge of the ice removal business while Growing up in in the lower arctic tundra better known as Minnesota.  Joe has been all over the country in catastrophes offering his expertise to local roofing contractors saving roofs everywhere he goes.  He was on Connecticut in 2015 during the historic over 100 inches of snow in Boston.  He was out west last year helping local contractors avoid costly roof damage and saved insurance companies tons of money from stopping roof leaks early.  Even the Local Bend News paper called upon Joe for his experience dealing with there ice epidemic.  Joe has already been steaming ice in Erie, Fairview, Girard Pa, this 2018 season.

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This guy makes roof snow removal look easy in Erie Pennsylvania 

The Lake Effect snow can really hammer the coast closest to Lake Erie.  The Lake effect can turn an average snowfall for the rest of the state of Ohio or  Pennsylvania into a mammoth snow fall closest to the shore as seen In Girard PA.  It is even possible to have measured snow fall in the feet along the shores of Lake Erie in towns like Aviona and Harborcreek and yet only have several inches through out the rest of the state.

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Joe “the Ice Dam” Mann has been removing roof snow and ice dams for several decades now and is well experienced at the whole roof snow removal process.  Substantial snow could lead to roof failure or even collapse under the weight of the snow but more often the major problem associated with large snow falls is the presence of Ice in the Gutters or along the Roof edge.

What is An Ice Dam

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Ice dams are large icicles along the edge of your roof that come from poor insulation generally and result from snow being melted through heat loss of the attic and not from sunlight.  This causes the freshly melted snow pack along the shingles to run down to the gutters and refreeze above the soffits and gutters.

How should you remove Icicles from the edge of your roof?

Do not do this!

It is very tempting to get up there with a hammer and chisel and start banging away at the layers of ice; however, is this the best thing for the understructure.  It may have eliminated the first problem of the ice but caused a bigger problem to the shingles.  It is very common for roofs to have to be replaced in the spring because of improper roof snow and ice removed during a harsh winter.

Why Use Steam to melt the Ice?

Steam is the safest way for your shingles to remove the layers of ice.  Steam is low pressure and does not harm the granules on the shingles.  If you notice the ground below someone hammering away at the ice or using a pressure washer to remove ice dams, you will see lots of granules and even pieces of shingles buried in the piles of snow along the ground.  However, steam will not damage the roof..

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