Bend Oregon Ice Dam Roof Snow Removal

Bend Oregon Roof Snow Ice Dam Removal

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Steaming massive ice dam in Bend oregon

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The best way to prevent an Ice dam is to keep the snow off the roof.  Well actually the best way is to have proper insulation in the attic, but next best thing is to remove the snow off of the roof.  Here is a video of the best tool I know of to take snow off the roof rapidly.

What if You have big Ice Dams already?

You can also drop a 50 pound bag of calcium flake on your ice dam and by the next day  The ice dam will be gone just be careful because it will kill the plant but won’t  damage your gutters and rarely will discolor roofs. This stuff works great!

watch how fast calcium works on Ice Dam here 5 minute fix


…The has been a lot of snow this year in Oregon.  combine with the very low temperatures this snow does not seem to be going anywhere soon.  If your home is not properly insulated the attic has been melting the snow slowly and the Ice has been accumulating in the gutters making and “Ice Dam.”  If you were not on top of roof raking and noticed the icicles growing on the gutters it may not bother you too much.

Ponding Water on the Roof equals Bad News

But the real problem is when the Ice Dam grows to large and traps large pools of water on the roof with no way to escape.  The water will follow the nail holes into the house eventually and then you have serious problems.  It is very common to have water running in the walls behind the sheetrock when an Ice dam develops.

Do Not Grab a Sledge Hammer to Smash the Ice

As tempting as it might be, a sledge hammer will get rid of the ice relatively fast but the damage can last far longer.  While this may be self explanatory, there usually is someone offering a Blow torch for hire on craigslist, don’t do it.  It sounds very enticing and yes there really is a guy in Idaho 2017 doing just that.

We could leave a few links to peoples house catching on fire from people using torches on ice dams, but I think you get the point its not  a good idea.

Best way to Remove Ice from your Rooftop Is Steam

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Steam Removal of an ice dam.
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This guy really loves ice dam removal

Talking  One local contractor said he has never seen anything like this as far as business being this busy. So just how much snow can a roof hold. Well the average roof is built to withstand a certain amount of snow.  However, when the snow doesn’t melt and then several more snowstorms come now you have to deal with the weight issue.  The following diagram shows about how much snow roof can hold.

How much Snow weight can your roof Hold?

Roof snow removal weight Oregon
Oregon roof snow removal diagram showing how much weight snow adds to a roof.

The average roof should be able to support at least 20 pounds of snow per square foot. Now newer building codes require be built much stronger  but an older house that maybe wasn’t built with codes or before there was a code or even if the house was built to code and it had some roof leaks and some of the wood is rotten may not be able to hold as much as a brand-new house.

Now these are just averages but an inch of ice at about 5 pounds per square foot 4 to 6 inches of snow packed together chat about another 5 pounds per square foot. And another 10 to 12 inches of fresh snow can’t way about 7 pounds per foot.

So what is steam ice dam removal?

After the snow was on your roof, if the weather stays cold for a while you can slowly melt the snow which will cause a big icicles on the edge of the roof.   As icicles grow, eventually it will start to trap the water on the roof. When the water gets trapped behind the ice dam and it’s past the ice and water shield under the shingles,  Then the water starts to leak inside the house.

Video:  Tips from Angie’s list how to prevent an Ice Dam.

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ice dam formation oregon
This is how snow and rain end up breaking into the house through an ice dam

If water is leaking into your house, then be careful if you decide to use a hammer and chisel to your roof you could end up damaging the shingles.  The fastest way to remove an ice dam is to use steaming technology. It is not uncommon for a leak in the house to stop within 30 minutes of our arrival.

If water is leaking into your house then call us To steam the ice out of the Gutter.