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Steam Ice Dam Removal Rochester New York

We get roof leaks stopped fast with our ice steaming process. It is common for a leak to stop within 30 minutes of a steamer starting to work on the job removing snow and ice.

We offer steam ice dam removal services in upstate New York.

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Steaming ice dams
Steaming ice dams off gutters

Significant snowfalls and cold weather is not that uncommon in Upstate New York. Even though Building code requires snow load capacity to be adapted for large amounts s of snow, Roof snow removal in Rochester NY is really not that uncommon.

Roof collapse is not the only problem that comes with large snow falls. Typically, snow on a roof does not pose much of a problem by itself; however, when combined with subzero weather for extended periods of time can cause a serious ice damming issue.

What is an Ice Dam?

Ice dams are large icicles that form on the edge of the roof and gutters trapping the water on the roof and causing interior leaks.

How do Ice Dams develop?

Ice dam prevention tips
How an Ice Dam forms from heat loss in the attic

There are really only two necessary components for the formation of an Icedam, you need a significant amount of snow and below freezing temperatures for an extended period of time.

A good example was the record snow on Christmas in Erie pa followed by extreme cold in 2018 which created some of largest ice dams witnessed In this part of the country. It’s true the main culprit for ice forming on the roofs edge is the attic not being properly insulated, but if the cold weather prevails long enough more and more houses will develop ice problems.

A picture of a mammoth ice dam taken in 2018

Giant ice dam dangerous falling
Extremely dangerous ice dam has plywood put along glass of sliding door to prevent glass breaking from falling ice

There is always a little bit of heat escaping the attic and melting the snow on the roof, and in subzero conditions this is the source for the growing icicles along the Gutters.

Some simple preventative steps can help alleviate or even eliminate some ice dams problems. The first step is to slow the melting of the snow on your roof from heat loss through the attic. It may seem counter intuitive to have snow sitting on the roof, but it is ideal to have the warm weather melting the snow and not your house being the heat source. If the weather is melting the snow on the roof then it will continue to run down the roof and end up on the ground.
However if your house is doing the snow melting then the water from the melting snow will refreeze at the edge of your roof eventually trapping the water on the roof.

Steps to avoid or prevent It Ice Dams

1. Insulate your attic to avoid heat loss. If your house has little to no snow on the shingles while everyone else is covered in snow then you have an insulation problem.
2. Install heat cables in the gutters and along the edge of the roof to keep the edge of roof warm on cold days
3. Avoid extra high thermostats during severe weather. This can exasperate the problem of heat loss in the attic and actually speed up the formation of the ice dams.
4. Rake the edge of your roof free from snow to allow sunlight to heat the edge of the roof during the daylight.
5. If ice dam is already growing and leaking in the house try to throw calcium on the ice. Do not be stingy but apply liberally like 100 lbs or more just dumped on the problem area.
6. Be careful not to use a chainsaw or axe to remove the ice as you will often damage the roof in the process. Now it might help eliminate the existing roof leak from the snow melting on the roof but may end up leaking every time it rains in the future.

Steam Ice Dam Removal in Rochester Ny

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The safest way for your shingles is to have gentle low pressure steam applied to the Gutter ice and rapidly remove your snow and ice problem. Steam is the faster way to getting leaks stopped without damaging your shingles. Hammers and chisels take a while to remove ice and can damage the roof under the ice even if care is taken. A hammer is simply just not the best tool for the job.