Steam Ice Dam Removal In Jackson Wyoming

Do you have ice buildup on your rooftop edge and don’t know how to quickly  remove it?  Well you have come to the right place.  It is common for roof leaks to stop in as little as 20 minutes after our steamer is working on jobsite.  We also offer Roof Snow shoveling.

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steam ice dam removal Jackson Hole
Steaming massive ice dam On a house

How to Stop a Leak from an Ice Dam Fast

First off, many guys with a truck and a ladder will come and gladly pound away on your rooftop for a couple hundred bucks and remove  the ice off your roofs edge.  This is great for stopping leaks but not so good for your shingles just see the 15 second video below explains.

Hatchet or Hammers can Damage Shingles

The safest way for your house to get the ice buildup off your roof is to use steam.   Now if your Icedam is not leaking yet you may have enough time to fill a couple of socks with calcium and thrown them up on gutter icicles and let them slowly melt the ice away; however,  if you already have water in your house you really need to act fast and ice steaming is the fastest safest way for you home.

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Watch how Safe Steam Is


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